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Altar Servers’ Association

The Altar Servers’ Association (ASA) previously known as The Altar Boys’ Association (ABA) is probably as old as the Church itself since altar servers are required each time a Mass is celebrated. Girls were first permitted to join the ASA and serve Mass in 1994 during the tenure of Fr. George Athaide.

Mr. Maxy Fernandes took over as Co-ordinater of the ABA in 1986 under the spiritual guidance of Fr. Giuseppe Rodrigues. Now Fr. Leon Mascarenhas serves as the spiritual guide. Currently, it is under the parish priest and due to the pandemic it is suspended.

The primary duty of an altar server is to serve at Mass. Besides this, they also lead the Stations of the Cross during Lent, adoration processions, funerals etc.

Children who have received their First Holy Communion are enrolled as Altar Servers. Meetings are held every Sunday after the 9.15 a.m. Mass in the Church itself.

Parents are urged to encourage their children to join the ASA.

Contact person: Maxy Fernandes

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