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Auxilium Convent

In 1959 Rev. Mother N. Maule visiting the Indian Province of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, paid a visit to the Shrine of the Basilica of Mount Mary. She liked the place nestling in the shadow of the Basilica and a mainly catholic locality, hence Bandra was chosen trusting it would be a Centre for recruiting vocations.

However, this house did not originally start here. Msgr. Theophilus Lobo, Parish priest of St. Anne’s invited the sisters to work at Sr. Anne’s on the understanding that later the girls would be confided to the Sisters. Sr. Zita Dias and Sr. Alexandra Dias began their educational apostolate at the Parish school of St. Anne’s. The work entailed much sacrifice as the two sisters had to come everyday from Wadala and during the rains it was far worse. But God who is never outdone in generosity, guided the Superiors to open a house in this Catholic suburb.

The spot chosen could not be better situated than on a small hill, overlooking the sea with a magnificent view. On the hill opposite, the tall spires of the Basilica of Mt. Mary tell of the continual protection of the Blessed Virgin. The house was a comfortable villa bought from Mr. Norman J. Hamilton together with the furniture it contained. Our thoughtful Superiors made the necessary changes to suit the needs of a School and the Superior of ‘Auxilium’ Wadala was ready with her generous help. It was the 11th of February 1964, a day consecrated to Our Blessed Mother, when Rev. Mother Catherine Mania, Provincial, accompanied by Sr. Virginia Gnavi, the first Superior and Sr. Anne Pereira and Sr. Alexandra Dias went in to their new home.


KINDERGARTEN: Auxilium Kindergarten School (1993) Private
PRIMARY: Auxilium Convent School(1963) Recognized first on 4.3.1966 – Regn No,502. Got permanent recognition on 29.10.1998.
SECONDARY: Auxilium Convent High School(1963) Recognized on 9.2.1964.
PROFESSIONAL: Computer Education(Private) 1993-1998 run by St. Xavier’s Technical Institute, Mahim.

1998 – 2001 run by XB Integrated Systems.

PARISH ACTIVITIES :  Assistance at the Children’s Mass on Sundays. Catechesis in the Good News Club. Attendance at the Parish Council meetings, preparation for first Communion and Confirmation, liturgical Animation Group, Youth Group, Cultural animation group, Basic Christian Communities, Family visits and Eucharistic ministers. Adult Catechesis when requested by the Parish Priest is carried out at the Convent, since 1997.

REMEDIAL CLASSES: Since June 1994 regular evening Remedial classes are conducted for the backward children of the school. In June 1999, these classes have been suspended for a year due to changes in time-table timings of the School because of construction work of the Women Promotion Centre was going on in the premises. Now they are carried out as usual.

AUDIO-VISUAL CLASSES: In 2006 we have started Audio-Visual classes for the entire school. The lessons are taught to the students through audio-visual which makes an impact on them and helps them to learn better. A Special Audio-Visual room is made and a qualified teacher is appointed.

SALESIAN CO-OPERATORS: This unit functions well. The members are regular for their fortnightly meetings. They are very much involved in doing good around the neighbourhood.

AUXILIUM COMMUNITY COLLEGE: was officially started in 2003. Thanks to Comide for providing us with well furnished classrooms, that enable us to reach out easily to the literate and illiterate, needy poor school drop outs, domestics and women who avail themselves of the different courses such as Computer, Tailoring, Beauty Culture, Spoken English, Arts, and Craft and Typing. The classes are conducted daily from Monday to Friday from 1.30 – 4.30 p.m. The staff of this centre is well qualified and gives of their best to all, unmindful of the status, reaching out according to the individual need and understanding. The well planned syllabus minutely followed also helps the girls to serious learning. Awareness was created for the “LEARN AND EARN COURSES” at the start by publishing in the Mumbai Metro sponsored by the CITIZENS COOPERATIVE BANK and also by putting out the same on the notice boards of various surrounding Colleges and Parishes.

Sincere credit goes to dear Sr. Teresa Castellino whose dream “WOMEN PROMOTION CENTRE” was realized with hard work put in from morn to dusk. Summer Club is also conducted for the School Children in the same premises.

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