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Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary has 8 members and has Fr. Savio as its Spiritual Director.

Works undertaken:

  1. The Legion visits the sick and housebound as well as other parishioners to inform them to do the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart or to recruit them as active or auxiliary members and to try to get lapsed Catholics to return to the Church.

  2. Visitation of hospitals

  3. Visits Clergy Home and Mother Theresa’s Home

  4. Work at the bookstall at the Mount where we give catholic literature and Bibles free of cost to non-Christians who evince interest in the Christian faith.


The Legion of Mary meets on Tuesdays at 5.45 p.m. in the parlour. Please see the Calendar for event updates.

Contact person:

Bernadette Fernandes (President)

Marina Vaz (Vice-President)

Lucy Fernandes (Secretary)

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